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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Indian Fantail Pigeons Photos

white doves

The Indian fantails are also known as garden doves. The style by which they walk is similar to garden walk. They have fur on their toes which makes them more beautiful. Their chest is moved forward and the head position is such that it is placed on the chest. When they walk they gets a jerk on their head.

white fantail doves
white fantail pigeon
Brown Fantail Pigeon
Black Indian Fantail Pigeon
white fantail pigeons
Brown Indian Fantail Pigeon
Black Fantail
Black Fantails
Black Indian Fantail
Brown Indian Fantail Pigeon
Black Fantail
white indian fantail pigeons
white pigeons doves
white garden doves



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  2. The Pictures above show 2 different types of Fantails the ones with the crest on the head and muffed feet are Indain and the clean footed -no crest on head are American

  3. also the American Fantail tuck their heads further behind their chest

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